The Aesthetic Apocalypse event


The Aesthetic Apocalypse: Visuals and Soundscapes of the impending end.

Welcome to an unusual evening in Nicolai Bio.

Time Schedule:
16.00-19.00: Stalker - film
19.00-20.00: Break (you can buy food and drinks in the café)
20.00-21.00: Stephen Joyce - talk
21.00-21.30: break (you can buy drinks and coffee in the café)
21.30-22.30: Inade - koncert

We are proud to present German dark ambient sensation INADE live on Danish soil for the very first time. INADE have been active since 1991 and their back catalogue shows an impressive and remarkable consistency in quality and vision. In Kolding INADE will, in their own words, "lead the audience into the unseen sphere and cosmic vortex where the kinetic aural structures will be the earthing of the solar architects". In our view, INADE represent the very best that the dark ambient genre has to offer and we cannot wait to be sucked into the equally horrific and beautiful cosmic void by their deep and rumbling soundscapes. Do not cheat yourself from this rare experience!
INADE live at the Phobos Festival 2016:

Stalker, by acclaimed Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky from 1979, is frequently cited as one of the best films ever made, not just in science fiction, but in general. The British Film Institute has, for instance, has ranked it at no. 29 on their top 50 list. Stalker follows a professor and an author on a guided expedition to "The Zone", a mystical nuclear wasteland where a room where all inner desires may come true supposedly exists. The film is a slow moving and visually exquisite journey through the barren and twisted wastelands of both the Earth and the mind. Stalker is arguably the most aesthetic depiction of an apocalyptic landscape you will ever see and its dialogues and soundtrack are equally stunning, so join us in "The Zone" and immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Please notice that the movie is in Russian with Danish subtitles.

Stephen Joyce is an associate professor at the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University. Through many publications, lectures and research projects he has explored the many aspects of popular culture in cinema, media and popular imagination. He has worked extensively with questions regarding the imagination of the apocalypse and has paid special attention to its aesthetic aspects. This latter aspect will be at the centre in his talk at "The Aesthetic Apocalypse" and we are anxious to hear his insights as we are certain they will enrich our understanding of the movie and music of the evening as well as broaden our horizons further for future explorations into apocalyptic fiction.

This event is supported by Kolding Kommune, Statens Kunstfond and The Danish Film Institute


  • Spilletid:
  • 390 min.

    Til over 15 år