The most heartbreaking sound in the world is the sound of gunshots. The most beautiful
sound in the world is that of music. A note for each bullet and a tune for each blast can
change lives. Violence can be won over by violins!
Narayan Anna is the warlord ruling over the slums of Dharavi in Mumbai. The King of the
water mafia. His biggest strength, his weapon is his right-hand man, his soldier - Raghu! An
orphan, picked up from the street as a child by Anna, his loyalty to his mentor is undying. He
fights with power and brutality wiping out every obstacle in Anna's path. Anna loves Raghu
almost like a son, a fact hated and disliked by Vishnu, Anna's own son and heir - a midget.
His height may be less but his evil goes to unfathomable heights. In this world, enters Zoya, a
beautiful girl who is mute, but brings with her the melody and sound of music. She enters the
slums with a mission to teach music to the children there and replace the guns in their hands
with musical instruments. She changes Raghu's life as love blossoms and the man who took
lives, begins to find a reason to live. But alas his joy is short-lived as Zoya witnesses Vishnu
killing a rival and Anna, unaware of their love, orders Raghu to kill her. Raghu is torn
between his love and loyalty. For the first time in his life he disobeys Anna's order and
chooses his love. A choice which proves to be tragic. He is captured along with Zoya and the
slum kids, and a choice is given to him. Either he carry out the order given and kill Zoya
thereby saving his own and the slum children's lives, or refuse and doom all of them
including him to death. Zoya convinces him to pull the trigger to save the lives of the
children and his own. The man who took other's lives is now forced to take the life of the
woman he loves. Anna refuses to let Vishnu kill Raghu, saying that the moment he killed
Zoya, he killed a part of himself. The day Raghu even raises a finger against Vishnu, he will
allow him to kill him.
Will Raghu rise from his grief to take Zoya's revenge? Will Zoya's death make Raghu lose
the desire to liv? Will the innocent hands of the children in the slums pick up the gun again?
or Will Zoya's dream of music filling their lives, triumph? 'Marjaavaan' is a powerful story
of love, violence, music and revenge!


  • Spilletid:
  • 137 min.



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